What We Do


Galectin Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on discovery and development. Our key areas of focus include:

Studying galectins

Galectins, a class of proteins made by many cells in the body, are important therapeutic targets because they are the mediators of fundamental biologic mechanisms in pathological processes. Scientists at Galectin Therapeutics are renowned experts in the study of galectins, having edited two peer-reviewed books that bring together authoritative articles on the function of galectin proteins in disease. Read more about the study of galectins.

Developing proprietary compounds for diseases

Galectin Therapeutics combines our knowledge of galectins with our drug development expertise to create proprietary compounds. The Company is pursuing therapies for indications in which galectins have a demonstrated role in the pathogenesis of a particular disease, including fibrotic disease and cancer. Learn more about our proprietary compounds, including our pipeline, associated development programs and intellectual property.

Advancing our discovery program

Galectin Therapeutics leverages its extensive scientific knowledge of galectins to advance our discovery program, including research and discovery of new compounds. Through a relationship with a world-class research program at the University of Georgia, the Company focuses on the discovery of new carbohydrate molecules that can be used in the therapy of diseases where galectin proteins play a major role, including cancer, and inflammatory and fibrotic disorders. Read about Galectin Therapeutics’ discovery of new compounds.